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Sensor-Free, Brushless Motor Seeks Spindle Apps

Well suited for spindle applications that operate at continuous high speeds with long life requirements such as in pumps, chopper wheels and fans, the MBP-132 is a three-phase sensorless, brushless motor employing ironless-winding technology. Its slotless design uses an enhanced magnetic circuit made of high-energy, rare-earth magnets and high-grade laminations, leading to a powerful 13-mm motor capable of delivering 2 mNm of continuous torque at speeds up to 20,000 rpm. The motor exhibits no detent torque, low iron losses, and smooth velocity. Intermittently, a peak torque of 10 mNm can be obtained, it's claimed.
The motor has only three output wires and can be driven using a sensorless, brushless motor driver.


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