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Sensor Module Combines Torque And Position

Developed for the first all-electric power steering system for a production vehicle, the company's sensor module contains a torque and a position sensor to detect the angular position of the driver's steering wheel and activates the electronic and motor assemblies for steering. It is said to deliver accurate electronic information on steering wheel position and the torque being applied by the driver. With the addition of the torque sensor, the power steering is activated only when needed, and signals an additional power boost when required, such as when the wheel is turned while the car is being parked. By using electric power on demand, the module draws less power from the engine and its drive belts, as in traditional hydraulic power steering systems. Its use is said to especially benefit small-engine vehicles and reduce fuel costs. The sensor assembly is enclosed in a proprietary thermoplastic housing and uses technology that performs at temperature extremes of -40¡C to 85¡C. BI TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION. (714) 447-2345.

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