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Servo Amp Offers Analog Or Digital Current Control

A single-axis linear servo amplifier for sub-nanometer positioning, the LDM3U emerges as the first to offer either analog or digital current control. The rack-mount unit operates with ac servo, ac induction, dc brush, and step motors in both high resolution micro-stepping open loop and true closed-loop modes. It features a digital current-control loop with field-oriented control, which allows the flexibility of a PWM amplifier with the benefits of a linear amplifier. As an option, the digital current-loop amplifier is also configurable via a unique algorithm to maximize bus voltage. The analog current loop version, while limiting some of the flexibility of the digital version, provides better jitter performance. The sinusoidal commutated amplifier features a programmable current loop bandwidth up to 5 kHz with a sampling rate of 20 kHz and operates from a 45 to 60 Vdc power source. It is available with either an 8A or 16A peak phase current. Other features include built-in automatic dynamic brake activation and protection for over and under voltage, missing supply, phase-to-phase short circuit, over current, and over temperature. All drives are CE and RoHS compliant. ACS MOTION CONTROL, Plymouth, MN. (800) 545-2980.


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