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Servo Amplifier Curbs EMI And RFI

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Although its metal case is fully shielded to meet international EMI/RFI standards, the Model 7225ACF servo amplifier also incorporates an edge filter to minimize the EMI and RFI radiation emanating from associated power cables. The amplifier operates directly from 32 to 132 Vac at 50 or 60 Hz and in conjunction with digital controllers that originate the U and V sinusoidal commutating waveforms. It synthesizes the third W commutating waveform from the controller-derived U and V inputs.
PWM frequency is 25 kHz and an internal component header accepts fixed value components for tuning the amplifier to motor inductance values between 0.4 and 40 mH. Price is $588 each with delivery from stock to four weeks ARO.

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