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Servo Meter Mix Dispense System Improves Quality, Slices Costs

Sporting a new design, the Servo-Flo 801-HV positive-displacement, two-component meter-mix dispensing system applies small precision beads and small metered shots of mixed resins. The revamped system provides longer bead lengths and/or an increased quantity of metered shots. Its servomotor design promises consistent and repeatable bead profiles and allows a change of flow rate during the dispense cycle. Also, the fixed-ratio redesign is said to improve production rates and product quality while reducing manufacturing costs. The Servo-Flo 801-HV provides a variety of preset material-dispensing profiles and results from 0.2 cc up to 18 cc at a 1:1 ratio. It can dispense mixed materials for different part configurations in batch or random processes and can be preset to vary the flow rate during dispensing in automated, indexing, XYZ-motion, and robotic processes. SEALANT EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING INC., Plymouth, MI. (734) 459-8600.


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