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Servo Systems Act Like PC Peripherals

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Marking the firm's entrance into the motion control market, Samcop Servo Peripherals are designed to be treated like standard PC peripheral devices to help significantly improve motion control system performance and also reduce cost. One of the innovations employed by the new servo systems is Termi-BUS, which permits unified control of mix-and-matched brushless and/or stepping motors and allows various actuators to be driven by a single rather than separate command controllers. Samcop is also said to allow for easy programming and the ability to connect up to 16 axes. A handheld programming tool, called CTA-1, also is available for indicating command data for individual point, as well as for editing common data in the nonvolatile memory built in the servo amplifier. Rounding out the firm's launch of motion-related products are three new series of servo motors.

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