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Servoamp Gives Micron-Resolution Positioning Accuracy

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With its sinusoidal commutation said to develop ripple-free drive torque and to permit accurate interpolation for positioning brushless servomotors- and especially linear motors- with micron-levels of resolution, Model 7225DC servoamplifier is targeted at driving pick-and-place systems, robotics, fastening systems, and automated assembly and other equipment. The compact, 7.50" x 2.00" x 6.94" servoamp operates with controllers that develop U and V sinusoidal commutation signals from a motor's digital encoder. The third, W phase signal is synthesized by the amplifier from the controller's U and V inputs.The servoamplifier operates from 45 to 186 vdc and develops ±20A peak, ±10A continuous. It drives ac brushless servomotors, including air bearing linear motors, rated to 1.5 hp and develops isolated outputs of 5V at 200 mA and ±10V at 5 mA for encoder excitation.

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