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Shot Meter Dispenser Delivers Precise Bead Profiles

The Servo-Flo 305 system, a mid-sized shot-meter dispensing system designed for robotic and automated applications, i.e., bonding, gasketing, filling, and sealing, promises to deliver a precise flow rate of material to a Snuf-Bak, Tip-Seal, or No-Drip dispense valve for accurate start-stop of material flow. The meter can be floor, pedestal, or robot mounted for automation or manual applications. System design options include meter-volume size, material-temperature control, an operator interface, dispense valve, material supply, and system integration. Additionally, the servomotor’s closed-loop processor ensures precise shot volumes, consistent bead diameters, and variable bead diameters during the dispense cycle. Via a touch-screen, users can set flow rates and material volume, and the system automatically selects stored flow-rate and shot-volume programs for different parts. SEALANT EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING INC., Plymouth, MI. (734) 459-8600.


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