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Simulation Platform Eases Design Of Brushless Motors

The PC-BDC motor design and simulation software package provides brushless motor manufacturers with a quick-start design simulation platform with an all encompassing nine cross-sections on common brushless PM motors to facilitate the design setup process. These important brushless PM motor design cross sections include: the inside rotor using radial-arc, parallel-arc, bread-loaf shaped, spoke-shaped embedded, interior, and inserted consequent-pole and hybrid-reluctance type magnets; and the outside rotor using radial- and parallel-arc magnets.
The software runs on Pentium PCs operating at 200 MHz or higher and employing Windows 95/98/NT. The user is prompted on screen through design stages that include static design, output phase current, back EMF, developed-torque waveforms, and dynamic. The application may also be used as inputs to other applications, such as MATLAB, SABRE, EASY5, or SIMPLORER.


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