Single-Element Tooth Detecting Speed Sensor Addresses Enhanced Camshaft Needs

Single-Element Tooth Detecting Speed Sensor Addresses Enhanced Camshaft Needs

First falling edge detection, high running-mode edge accuracy, and direction/orientation insensitivity over the full operating range of air gap, speed, and temperature—such attributes come with Allegro Microsystems’ ATS601LSG gear-tooth sensor IC.  The non-TPOS sensor consists of a single-element Hall IC and simple magnetic pellet configuration, which suits phased cam, start/stop engine applications as well as motorcycle, golf-cart and industrial-equipment apps. The Hall IC and magnet configuration switches in response to magnetic signals created by a ferrous target. The IC integrates a low-bandwidth filter that increases the sensor’s noise immunity and signal-to-noise ratio. The ATS601LSG’s digital design eliminates detrimental effects of geometry discontinuity, magnet and system offsets, and thermal gradients. Signal processing provides zero-speed performance independent of air gap and dynamically adapts device performance to operating conditions found in automotive apps, particularly camshaft sensing. A programmable number of target teeth allow for learning of the target profile and optimize switching thresholds. Packaging is a 4-pin SIP.


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