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Six Channel Optical Encoder Provides Motion Detection

Providing motion-control detection for applications requiring 360 cycles per revolution (CPR) to 720 CPR, the AEDS-9240 incremental optical encoder targets applications employing brushless dc motors. The module provides advanced motion control detection via integrated commutation outputs that are allegedly equivalent to those produced by Hall switches. The AEDS-9240 six-channel incremental encoder module includes two-channel quadrature outputs, and an un-gated index output. It detects rotary position using a code wheel with an optical radius of 19 mm to obtain 360 CPR or 720 CPR. The un-gated index output is a positive index pulse, generated once for each full rotation of the code wheel. Other features include a LED source, detector IC, and a highly collimated light source and a unique photo detector array to make the module tolerant to mounting misalignment. Pricing for the AEDS-9240 is $14.50 each/10,000. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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