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Slotless Brushless PM Motor Achieves High Power Efficiency

By eliminating eddy current and hystersis losses, the ThinGap TG3600 series slotless brushless PM motor is said to achieve very high power efficiency over a wide speed range. With no magnetic hystersis, low speed cogging for the motor is non-existent. Maximum continuous torque of 115 oz.-in. is achieved at 2,400 rpm using an input voltage of 24 Vdc and 15.6A to the TG3600 from the specified PWM servo amplifier. Armature inductance measures below 10 µH and line-to-line resistance is 0.31 ohm at 25°C. The slotless brushless PM motor measures 2.375" O.D. x 2.180" long. G&G TECHNOLOGY, Ventura, CA. (805) 477-9741.


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