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Small Motor Brings Fast Stepping Action To Telecomm And Medical Equipment Marts

Developed using a rotor design that's based on a thin, multi-polar, rare-earth magnetic disc, the MSD-10 10-mm diameter step motor boasts of low rotary inertia , high holding torque, and fast acceleration. The stepper can operate at speeds of up to 10,000 rpm with a holding torque of up to 1.8 mNm and can be driven in full step mode at 24 steps/rev. or micro-stepped.
Numbered among the motor's users are telecomm systems and medical equipment. In fiber-optic telecomm systems, for instance, the new step motor's high operating speed and fast acceleration/deceleration rates are useful in making adjustments to the intensity of the opto sysem's light and for switching the light from one circuit to another. And in medical applications, the stepper's low inertia and high start/stop frequency are important to the accurate operation of small portable pumps. The MSD-10 motor is available from stock and has a starting price of $40 each.


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