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Smallest 5-Phase Stepper Teams Up With Ultra Compact Driver

What is claimed to be the world's smallest 5-phase hybrid stepping motor has been coupled with an ultra compact driver to deliver a system capable of producing holding torque of from 4.7 oz.-in. for the 1.1" square x 1.22" long PMC33A3 motor and 8.5 oz.-in. for the 1.1" square x 2.0" long PMC35A3. Speed range for the motors is 30 to 40,000 and 30 to 25,000 pulses/s, respectively.The 2.2"W x 2.83"L x 0.47"H driver runs on 24 or 36 vdc and weighs only 0.9 oz. The surface-mount driver offers direct input, enabling/disabling of the automatic current reduction function, switch selectable one- or-two-pulse input, and switch-selectable full-step/half-step operation.Furthermore, the step motor packages are available with gearheads for developing running torques ranging from 10 to 70 oz.-in. Five standard gear ratios are available: 3.6:1, 7.2:1, 10:1, 20:1 and 30:1. Double-shaft versions of the motors are available, too.


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