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Solid State Relays Suit Demanding Industrial Applications

Designed for demanding industrial applications, the Microopto line of solid-state relays serves numerous applications: driving three-wire inductive actuators such as solenoids; interfacing with high-frequency sensors or switches; and amplifying highly inductive two-wire loads such as motor brakes or contactors. The combination of high-speed operation, stability, and a long operating life in a small package makes the relays suitable for automation installations. The family is comprised of three powerful and efficient devices—the Actor and the 300-V dc and 100-kHz versions. The Actor solid-state relay is a switching amplifier for actuators up to 24 V dc and 2 A, with inductive loads such as solenoid valves and contactors. It supports three-wire actuators, enabling the operation of solenoids and other motors in automation applications. The Microopto 300-V dc solid-state relay is a switching amplifier for high inductive loads up to 300 V dc and 1 A. Suitable for switching motor brakes and contactors, it features a power boost in the load circuit that compensates for transient feedback (20 A for 20 ms/5 A for 1 s) to protect from electrical spikes. The relay also has suppression diodes and varistors for additional circuit and overvoltage protection. The Microopto 100-kHz solid-state relay is a switching amplifier for high frequencies up to 100 kHz. It is designed to ensure rapid signal transition while providing isolation without a delay. Typical uses include high frequency pulses such as speed monitors or count-data passing between sensors. All three versions of the slim, 6.1-mm, DIN rail-mountable relays undergo factory functional and dielectric testing and are CE- and UL-approved. WEIDMULLER, Richmond, VA. (800) 849-9343.


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