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Step-Motion Processors Eye Low-Cost Applications

The MC2500 Navigator series welcomes three new stepper-motor motion-controller processors designed for less demanding cost-sensitive applications. Available in one-axis (MC2512), two-axis (MC2522), and four-axis (MC2542) configurations, the 5-V MC2502 series consists of two surface-mount components: a 132-pin processor and a 100-pin logic device.

Developed by Performance Motion Devices, the processors are driven via an 8- or 16-bit bus interface or through an asynchronous bidirectional serial port. They feature motion profiles of trapezoidal and velocity contouring, on-the-fly velocity and acceleration changes, asymmetric acceleration and deceleration, on-the-fly incremental encoder quadrature input, and system-performance checks with trace capabilities. Also included are a pulse and direction output up to 1 Mpulse/s, an at-rest indicator, a 5-Mcount/s encoder rate, 256 16-bit I/O locations, and eight general-purpose 10-bit analog inputs.

Prices start from $40 in OEM quantities.

Performance Motion Devices Inc.
www.pmdcorp.com (781) 674-9860

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