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Step Motor/Encoder Squats In Small Spaces

The 211 series 1.8º, NEMA-11 bi-polar stepper motor with an integrated E4 encoder from US Digital measures 1.1" square and is available in three lengths: 1.24", 1.75", and 1.99". Depending on the length, the motor can produce maximum holding torques of 9.2 oz.-in. to 16.6 oz.-in. The encoder is designed to provide digital quadrature encoder feedback of the motor's position as well as stall detection for applications with space constraints. It is capable of tracking 100 to 300 cycles per revolution and 400 to 1,200 pulses per revolution. Additionally, the encoder adds just 0.9" of length to the motor. For more details and price, call LIN ENGINEERING, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 919-0200.


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