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Step Motors Boast Of High Torque & Resolution

Claiming to provide the highest torque and step resolution combination available, the PK-M Series sizes 17 and 23 hybrid step motors offer step angle resolutions of 0.9° per full step and 0.45° per half step while maintaining holding torques of 22 to 44.4 oz.-in. for the size 17 and 54.2 to 187.5 oz.-in. for size 23 motors. The higher step resolution results in an unloaded step accuracy of 0.05°. Running torques or 20 oz.-in. at 2500 pps are developed for the smallest PK-M family member, the PK243M-01BA, and up to 175 oz.-in. at 1100 pps for the largest member, the PK268M-03BA. These step motors are well-suited for precision microstepping operation and are available with different phase currents ranging from 0.31 amps per phase up to 3.0A per phase.


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