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Stepper Motors Hone Fine Positioning

The HN Series hybrid stepper motors feature low detent torque to holding torque ratios, which promotes both smooth operation and the fine positioning capability necessary for micro-step operation. Standard size 34 hybrid steppers are available in three models in lengths from 2.64" to 4.92" with step resolutions of 1.8º (200 steps per revolution) in full-step mode. Holding torques range from 397 to 1,076 oz.-in. depending on model. All motors in the series employ neodymium magnets, precision-honed stators, ground rotors, and offer four, six, or eight leads upon request, and single- or double-ended shaft extensions. Motor rotation can run clockwise or counterclockwise. Options include gearboxes (planetary, spur, worm, or right angle) with standard or low backlash, encoders, brakes, and special shafts, end belts, and cabling. AMETEK TECHNICAL & INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, Kent, OH. (877) 748-8626.


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