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Super Thin Motor Can Step In Limited Space Apps

Measuring only 44 mm (1.7") in diameter x 12 mm (0.48") long, this lightweight (80g/2.2 oz.), permanent magnet stepper motor boasts of a high torque-to-inertia ratio, making the stepper ideal for use where space is limited. The 44M100D series of 3.6( step angle (100 steps/rev.) motors comes in a bipolar version only, with the high efficiency version (Model 44M100D1B) easily producing 30mNm (4.25 oz.-in.) of pull-out torque at 150 pps when driven with a chopper drive (24 Vdc, 0.4A). Flexibility exists in accommodating different options, including mounting/lead egress positions, changes in coil design, and different bearing configurations to satisfy unique environmental operating conditions. The 44-mm steppers are priced at $9.95 each/500.


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