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Temperature Recorders Offer Alternative To Monitoring With Sensors Or Probes

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Temp-Plate irreversible temperature recorders provide an alternative to monitoring surface temperatures with sensors or probes. These versatile, miniature self-adhesive labels create a permanent record of overheat conditions and provide preventive maintenance, warranty abuse detection, electronic circuit testing, failed component troubleshooting, product design, hydraulic systems, motor bearings, and batch process monitoring. Temp-Plates are available in a variety of sizes and number of temperature-measuring positions. Each position turns irreversibly black when exposed to its rated temperature, thus permanently recording the temperature event. The labels are made with single, three, four, six, and eight positions. Temperature ranges between a low of 90_F and a high of 500_F are available. Temp-Plates are as small as 0.25" and the largest measures 0.75" x 1.75". The recorders are manufactured to NIST-traceable 1% accuracy. Temp-Plates resist exposure to solvents, fuels, grease, oil, water and steam. For more information, contact Earl Vaught at WAHL INSTRUMENTS, INC., Asheville, NC. (800) 421-2853.

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