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Test & Measurement: Power Analyzers Deliver High Accuracy, Low Power-Factor Error

With a very high measurement accuracy, 0.02% of reading, the WT3000 series power analzyers are well-suited for applications such as efficiency testing and engineering and R&D work on inverters, motor drives, lighting systems, electronic ballasts, UPS systems, transformers, and other power-conversion devices. Bandwidth is dc to 1 MHz, and power-factor error is only 0.03% of apparent power. Users can set data update rates from as fast as 50 ms (20 readings/s) to every 20 s. The instrument's common-mode voltage rating is 1000 V. A simultaneous measurement mode allows users to make multiple measurements without having to change settings. Included are true RMS voltage and current, the values of selected harmonic orders, and total harmonic distortion. The phase angle between each voltage and current and the phase voltage-to-voltage and current-to-current in a three-phase system can be measured. Self-contained input ranges are from 7.5 to 1000 V and 0.250 to 30 A. Full-scale crest factor can be selected for 3 or 6. Prices start at $8950 for a one-phase version and $14,950 for a three-phase model.

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