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Thermosonic Wire Bonder Goes For The Gold

As much of the industry moves toward lead-free processes, gold wire is emerging as an alternative. For example, Palomar Technologies' Model 8000 gold ball-and-stitch thermosonic wire bonder is now available for complex, precision, gold-wire-bonding applications. This flexible, easily programmable, high-throughput device is ideal for complex multichip applications, high-I/O-count devices, and gold-ball bumping for flip chips.

The Model 8000 wire bonder incorporates a large-area, 12-×-6-in. (300-×-150-mm), x-y range, linear-motor actuated positioner. It carries a dual-axes, voice-coil-driven bond head with a rectilinear z-stroke of 800 mils (20 mm). Windows NT software can be utilized with the bonder to provide a rich programming environment for multichip, high-pin-count applications. This software incorporates many in-process monitoring tools, such as real-time deformation monitoring to track down the set on each individual bond. The positioner enables a full 72 in.2 (45,000 mm2) of work area. As a result, only a single pass is needed to bond large substrates.

Included with the bonder is an on-screen video for the "point-and-click" selection of bond placement sites, advanced Cognex vision, and dual-source programmable-LED lighting. Together, these capabilities achieve targeting and wire placement of better than 5 µm. A z-stroke of 20 mm allows for deep access bonding. It also accommodates placement into many of the deepest electronics packages.

The Model 8000 provides many advantages through its SMEMA-compatible, 31.5-×-37.5-×-70.0-in. (0.80-×-0.95-×-1.8-m) design. It promises to optimize cleanroom floor space while allowing for an efficient cleanroom layout. It also can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into a full line. Because of its patented dual Z-axis with rotary motion, the Model 8000 can be used as a single-process, co-planar gold bumper as well. A finished bond-height consistency of +2 µm (at 3 (sum)) is achieved with better than 5-µm placement accuracy. The process runs automatically at a cyclical rate of >10 bumps per second, allowing even large I/O die to be completed rapidly.

For information on pricing, please contact the company.

Palomar Technologies
2230 Oak Ridge Way, Vista, CA 92081-8341; (760) 931-3600, FAX: (760) 931-5191, www.palomartechnologies.com.

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