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Thin Steppers Tout High Torque-To-Size Rating

Measuring only 1.7" in diameter x 0.6" long, Models 42S048B and 42M100B permanent magnet stepper motors feature step angles of 7.5° and 3.6° and pull-out torques at 200 pps of 2.1 oz.-in. and 2.7 oz.-in., respectively. Even higher performance is available by using higher-grade magnet materials. And ball bearing versions can be provided for applications with heavy side loads.By combining a high torque-to-package size ratio with the inherent advantages of stepper motor drive methods, the new motors are said to become a natural for use in many medical/laboratory equipment applications- and especially peristaltic pumps, valves, indexers, fluid dispensers, and syringes. Other application areas for the thin steppers include computer peripheral and office automation equipment, barcode printers, and label dispensers.


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