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Three-Phase Motor Drivers Include Power-Management Circuitry

A family of three high-voltage, three-phase motor drivers with built-in power-management ICs for dc brushless motors, air conditioner fans, and pump motors offers a range of voltage and current specifications for varying requirements. The TPD4114K is rated for 250 V with a dc output of 1 A. The TPD4112K and TPD4104K are rated at 500 V with dc outputs of 1 and 2 A, respectively (see the figure). In addition to their power-management capability, the motor drivers feature a three-phase full-bridge distribution circuit with level-shift-type high-side driver and low-side driver, an output insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), and a built-in fast recovery diode (FRD). To achieve this level of integration, the chips are manufactured using a high-voltage silicon-on-insulator trench isolation process.

The ICs are equipped with protective functions for overcurrent, overheating, and power-supply voltage drop. Hall amplifier input signals and microcomputer control signals enable speed control of a dc brushless motor connected directly to the driver. Use of a bootstrap system with a built-in bootstrap diode eliminates the need for a high-side driver power supply. The three motor drivers are available in HZIP23 packages, measuring 31.5 by 16.1 by 5.1 mm thick, with an option for leads facing left (LBR), right (LBF), or down (LB2). The devices are lead-free and comply with the European Union's Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS). Customer samples of the TPD4104K, TPD4111K, and TPD4112K are available now. Prices for sample quantities are $5.50 for the TPD4104K, $3.00 for the TPD4112K, and $3.50 for the TPD4112K.

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