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Tiny, Highly Integrated MCU Suits Portable Applications

An 8-bit microcontroller, the C8051T60x from Silicon Laboratories Inc., packs a 25-MIPS CPU; a 10-bit, 500-ksample/s analog-to-digital converter; and a ±2% oscillator into a 3- by 3-mm package. This highly integrated device also incorporates 8 kbytes of one-time programmable memory, PWM capability, timers, SMBus, and a UART. In addition, the C8051T60x provides a full-featured development kit containing all the hardware and software needed to develop an embedded system, including a socket-to-program one-time programmable memory.

With the highest functional density in the 8-bit MCU market, according to Silicon Laboratories, the C8051T60x is well-suited for consumer and industrial applications like toys, camera modules, cell phone accessories, portable devices, home appliances, and motor controllers. Besides saving space, the high integration level simplifies design and lowers system cost by reducing the number of external components needed. The C8051T60x is pin-compatible with the company’s C8051F30x flash-based MCU family so designers can develop upgraded and lower-cost versions of products without having to create multiple hardware platforms.

The C8051T60x family of small-form-factor MCUs is available now. Prices start at $0.45 in quantities of 10,000. Check out www.silabs.com.
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