Tiny Intelligent Motor Features EtherCAT Capability

Tiny Intelligent Motor Features EtherCAT Capability

With a 32-mm diameter and maximum length of 92.8 mm, the Faulhaber Group and Technosoft SA claims they have developed one of the smallest intelligent motors for speed and position control with EtherCAT communication (compliant with CoE—CAN application protocol over EtherCAT). The motor is based on the 32….BX brushless dc, four-pole servomotors using Faulhaber’s ironless stator system and a dynamically balanced rotor. It results in a no-cogging output, which suits low inertia loads. Maximum speed is 6000 rpm with a stall torque of 97 mNM. The motor controller comes in a 46.5- by 67- by 26-mm oblong housing. Six families of Faulhaber gearheads can fit to the motor, depending on application requirements. It incorporates Technosoft’s iPOS4808 controller (with seven I/Os), which features the company’s MotionChip technology. The company’s EasyMotion Studio graphical platform facilitates configuration, tuning, and local programming of the iPOS drive. The position sensor is absolute single-turn, delivering 4096 counts per revolution. Two CAN versions of the motor are available, too: standard CANopen protocol (in accordance to CiA 301, 305, and 402 profiles), and TMLCAN protocol. Applications include medical analysis and dosing machines, instrumentation and optical equipment, and unmanned military vehicles.




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