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Tiny Relay Targets Automotive Power Apps

The firm’s new NAis-brand CT ultra-small automotive relay is available in twin and slim 1c types. Measuring 17.4 (L) x 14 (W) x 13.5 (H) mm, the twin type is about half the volume of conventional twin relays and makes forward and reverse motor control possible using a single relay.The CT comes in three contact arrangements: 1 Form C, 1 Form C x 2 (eight-terminal type), and 1 Form C x 2 (10-terminal type). Nominal switching capacity is 20A at 14 vdc (NO) and 10A at 14 vdc (NC) at a maximum operating speed of 6 cpm. Maximum switching current is 35A for two minutes and up to 25A for one hour (14 vdc at 20°C).


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