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Tiny Stepper-Motor Drive Eyes Multi-Axis Apps

Ametek_stepper_motor_drive-ARated for a 12- to 48-V dc input voltage, the DCM4826X stepper-motor drive module features a continuous output current rating of 2.6 A rms (3.68 A peak) per phase. Haydon Kirk Motion Solutions’ bipolar, two-phase chopper drive can be used with rotary stepper motors or stepper-motor-based linear actuators. It can be configured for full step, half step, or microstep (1/4, 1/8, 1/16. 1/32, and 1/64 step size). The mounting plate of the totally enclosed unit measures 64 by 60 mm, with mounting-hole center-to-center distances of 52 by 38 mm; total thickness is 34.4 mm. Due to its small size, the DCM4826X will find homes in multi-axis stepper-motor applications, in which space is at a premium. The drive is integrated using the company’s PDE User Interface via an RS-485 protocol or a computer USB port (a USB to RS-485 converter is required).


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