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Tool Aids Development Of Nano-Positioning Applications

Using this free LabVIEW application, motion control developers can now tune and control piezo-based motors for high-precision applications. The Piezo Tuning Wizard gives developers the power to eliminate unwanted velocity spikes and reduce oscillations. The tool reduces development time with an interface for characterizing and tuning piezo motors and also helps developers take advantage of the new static friction compensation feature in the NI-Motion 5.2 driver software. When developers combine this NI-Motion 5.2 feature with Piezo Tuning Wizard, they can create high-precision piezo motor applications with steady target positioning and quick reaction time. With the addition of NI Motion Assistant point-and-click configurable software, developers can quickly create motion profiles for high-precision applications, such as semiconductor wafer alignment. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (800) 258-7022.


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