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Tool Coverifies Motorola 68K MCUs

As a coverification tool for Motorola 68040 and 68060 processors, the VSP-TAP 040/060 will support embedded systems designs using 68040, 68LC040, 68EC04 and 68040V processors as well as the 68060, 68LC060 and 68EC060 processors. The VSP-TAP (virtual software processor, target application probe) is a processor model for codevelopment environments that let developers use the actual microcontroller to integrate and verify hardware and software before target hardware is available. VSP-TAP can operate at orders of magnitude faster than logic simulators, hardware emulators or hardware modelers because it runs at processor clock speeds until accessing virtual hardware. Minimum performance measurements range from 1000 to 5000 instructions per second based on the mix of virtual hardware accesses. Also, VSP-TAP provides high execution speed with much greater accuracy than traditional instruction set simulation technology.

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