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Tool Helps Build Applications Employing Motors And Devices

Engineers and scientists have a motion control development tool in the new Motion Assistant that automatically generates LabVIEW code. The tool helps build applications that use motors and positioning devices and fits a variety of applications, ranging from biotech laboratory research to optoelectronics manufacturing. With Motion Assistant, users can also develop code recipes for Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++ with Measurement Studio. Combined with either LabVIEW or Measurement Studio, Motion Assistant creates applications ranging from simple-axis to multi-axis motions. With the tool's point-and-click interface, motion systems can be quickly programmed and prototyped. Motion Assistant also works with motion controllers for open or closed-loop motion control and interactive creation of each coordinated point-to-point, circular or contoured move in sequence. For additional information, contact NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (800) 258-7022.


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