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Toshiba Licenses Tessera OptiML Focus Technology

Toshiba licensed OptiML Focus image-enhancement technology from miniaturization technologies provider Tessera Technologies. OptiML enables image quality for camera modules used in next-generation mobile devices like mobile phones and PDAs. As these devices become smaller and thinner, OptiML enables handset manufacturers to reduce the cost and size of camera modules while increasing reliability, according to a company release. OptiML integrates lens design with compact digital algorithms that, when combined, result in an image that is always in focus. While today’s digital cameras typically have either depth of field focus capability or low-light performance capability, camera modules that use OptiML can have both capabilities at the same time. "OptiML Focus technology from Tessera is a sophisticated solution for high-resolution camera modules," Yoshio Ooida, corporate vice president and executive vice president of Toshiba’s semiconductor company, said in a statement. "With the OptiML Focus technology, Toshiba will provide higher-value camera module products." "Our ‘smart’ optics technology offers significant improvements in non-motorized camera modules, which we believe will enable a new level of functionality for feature-rich mobile devices," Michael Bereziuk, COO of Tessera, said in a statement. The technology supports both still and video photography, and can work with any resolution and any image sensor. It is currently available for licensing from Tessera.

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