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Transformer Tester Makes Sequential Readings

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With matrix scanner for individual or sequential measurements on devices with multiple connections, Series 2100/2200 Automatic Transformer Test System is designed for fast production testing of transformers, coils, motors and relays. Its measurement capabilities include inductance, turns-ratio, dc winding resistance, mutual capacitance, and other critical parameters. The matrix scanner module extends the unit's four terminal connections to the transformer or coil under test with a pin configuration customized to the users' device from the front panel keypad. Operators can quickly program a transformer's primary and secondary connections, eliminating the need for an auxiliary scanner, computer control or complex programming routines. Model 2100 is a basic transformer tester for measuring the most common parameters, such as inductance, inductance leakage, turns-ratio, dc winding resistance and phase. Model 2200 builds on Model 2100 with the addition of inductance, capacitance, resistance and impedance measuring functions.

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