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Transformers Take On Switchers And Motor Drive Systems

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Designed for use in switch-mode power supplies and IGBT and GTO motor-drive applications requiring up to 1500 vdc bus voltages, Series B8496 high-isolation voltage magnets provide a working isolation voltage of 2100Vrms. The transformers are said to be designed and tested for partial discharge or corona inception/extinction greater than 2400Vrms at 60 Hz. Alternating-current high potential is tested at 9600Vrms at 60 Hz for five seconds. The tests are claimed to reduce the risk of insulation-system defects, thus ensuring levels of reliability not ordinarily found in off-the-shelf components. Four models in the series offer either 48Vrms or 100Vrms input and 15 and 18 vdc simultaneous outputs or only a single 17 vdc output from a user-supplied, full-wave center-tapped bridge rectifier. Other specifications include a 30-VA rating and a frequency range of 20 to 30 kHz at 40°C. Available in a PCB pin-mounting package, the transformers measure 1.53" square by 1.4" high and are wave solderable.

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