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Two-Axis Linear Stepper Gantry Offers 10 µm Repeatability

A series of low-cost, two-axis linear stepper motor gantries provide repeatability of up to 10 µm. Besides high repeatability, the devices feature low force, high speed, zero backlash, and long system life. The gantries are well-suited for precision applications such as laser marking, medical test equipment, inspection systems, pick-and-place systems, assembly, rapid prototyping, wire bonding, and fiber optics. The gantries are available in travel lengths up to 72 in. (both X and Y axis) and offer an open-loop accuracy of 0.001 in./ft. (85 µm/m). An optional encoder is available for closed-loop operation. Full-step resolution is 250 µm, but microstepping permits resolutions down to 10 µm. Continuous force on both X and Y axis is 6 lb. Peak force is 8 lb. Custom mounting holes are available in the base plate and the Y-axis stage for easy integration. Users can order a complete package, including an indexer and driver for open-loop operation or controller and driver for closed-loop operation. H2W TECHNOLOGIES INC., Valencia, CA. (888) 702-0540.


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