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Unit Positions Output Of Motor-Driven Variable Transformers

This µP-based controller is designed to provide a compact, versatile unit for positioning the output of any of the firm's motor-driven variable transformers. The FRC-20 controller can be controlled locally with a potentiometer, fixed resistor network, or remote computer interfaced with a 0 to 5 vdc or 4 to 20 mA setpoint. The FRC-20 is field configurable for full range or limited range control and for feedback ranges up to 600V- it maintains a full range regulation of 0.5% or a limited range regulation of 0.25%. Variable transformers provide high efficiency, add no harmonics, withstand high inrush currents, and prolonged overloads at maximum output power in a small package. Ratings are 0.24 to 1500 kVA for manual or motorized variable transformer applications.


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