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Variable Optical Attenuators Have Faster Speed

Single and eight-channel voltage controlled variable optical attenuators (VOA) have significantly faster speed, smaller form factor and more optical performance than others on the market. The single channel FVOA1001 individual attenuator elements are each housed in a transistor-like, hermetically sealed package. The FVOM2008 is a multi-channel array consisting of eight MEMS-based FVOA1001 elements in a single package. Claimed to be faster, more reliable, less complex and less expensive to manufacture than stepper-motor based devices, the VOAs are based on proprietary diffractive-MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems technology. Using diffractive MEMS technology makes the VOAs 1,000 times faster and nearly 90 percent smaller than industry standard devices. LIGHTCONNECT INC., Newark, CA. (510) 713-3119.

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