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Vertical-Slot Transmissive Optical Sensor Is Highly Accurate

With a 5-mm vertical slot, 0.5-mm aperture, 0.4-mm resolution and a 10% (typ.) current transfer ratio, the TCST1210 transmissive optical sensor is designed to provide highly accurate sensing of objects in metering system or dc motor code wheels, VCRs, shaft encoders, or mouse ad trackball sensing units. The transmissive sensor has also been optimized for use where direct face-to-face positioning on the same optical axis is required of an IR emitter and phototransistor detector. The optical sensor features a 950-nm operating wavelength and a compact, 10-mm high, 2.54-mm lead pitch polycarbonate package that offers protection against ambient light. Pricing for the optical sensor starts at $32 per 100.


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