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Vibration Motor Family Includes Brush And Brushless Versions

A family of brush and brushless dc vibration motors are aimed at a wide range of applications. The 10-mm diameter coin-shaped devices include the brushless dc vibration motors: the LBV10L at 3.4 mm (0.134”) thick, the LBV10B at 3.0 mm (0.118”) thick, and the slimmer LBV10C at 2.35 mm (0.093”) thick. Excitation voltage is a universal 3.0 Vdc. These higher-performance brushless dc coin vibration motors are used in many critical medical instrument applications, including insulin pumps and embedded defibrillators. The more cost-effective brush dc coin vibration motors are available in two frame sizes. The 10-mm diameter by 3.0-mm (0.118”) thick LAV10 consists of two models: one with a 2.0-Vdc input for PWM input signals and the other with a standard 3.0-Vdc input. Typical applications include force feedback systems. The larger 12-mm LAV11 diameter by 6.1-mm (0.240”) thick brush dc coin vibration motor is used in handheld games and other applications with higher load requirements. Using only 24 mA at 3 Vdc makes these motors ideal for applications where minimal current draw is critical. Some of the models are available with rubber boots and specified connectors. NIDEC COPAL CORP., Torrance, CA. (310) 782-6102.


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