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Wireless Networking Faces Tough Environments


In harsh settings, technologies like 802.11 and Bluetooth have suffered from reliability problems and limited scalability. They may not be able to transmit data through an environment filled with RF interference from motors, steel tanks, concrete walls, etc. In contrast, sensors enabled with Ember Corp.'s technology claim to reliably transmit in such environments.

The EmberNet product suite is a family of hardware and software products and development tools designed for embedded wireless networking. They are optimized for sensing and control applications requiring moderate bandwidth. The products utilize a patented routing algorithm that establishes a mesh networking architecture. It creates resilient wireless networks with no single point of failure. The EmberNet devices create networks that are self-organizing and self-healing to automatically route traffic around the typical interference found in harsh industrial and building settings. The result is increased flexibility in installation, maintenance, and operation.

Each EmberNet device serves as a programmable, embedded wireless router. Its use eliminates the need for costly wiring for communicating information back to a central point. Expanding the network can be accomplished by simply adding nodes. EmberNet solutions also enhance the value of sensing and control products by adding decentralized communications and intelligence capabilities to the equipment.

Operating in the 915-MHz ISM band, EmberNet hardware products use a direct-sequence spread-spectrum radio with 12 channels and hardware support for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Each device utilizes the EmberNet Protocol Stack, which includes the EmberNet Host API for programmability and Ember's patented routing algorithm. The EmberNet product suite contains the following products: EmberNet Node, EmberNet Gateway, EmberNet Serial Node, and EmberNet Developer Kit. It is available now.

Ember Corp.
313 Congress St., 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02210; (617) 951-0200, FAX: (617) 951-0999, www.ember.com.

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