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3U 6-Slot Backplane Target OpenVPX

3U 6-Slot Backplane Target OpenVPX

Elma Bustronic's new 3U 6-slot backplane (Fig. 1) targets OpenVPX applications. It is VITA 65 compliant. It has a configurable thin pipe links for distributed Gigabit Ethernet to slot 1 through 5. There are also two fat pipes on the rear I/O connector. The P1 thin pipes (x2 channels) can be set up in a control channel start configuration. Removal of zero ohm SMT shunts allows these pipes to be connected to the rear I/O connector. Slots 1 through 5 also have all P2 differential pairs availble on rear I/O connection. The OpenVPX standard provides a separate star or dual star Gigabit Ethernet control plane for out-of-band communication.

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