Advanced 32bit microcontroller reaches 50-Dhrystone MIPS

The H8SX/1664F is Renesas Technology Europe's latest addition to its family of high-performance H8SX 32bit microcontrollers. The chip offers 50-Dhrystone MIPS performance at 3.3V/50MHz, and is supported by 512kbytes of full-speed, zero-wait embedded flash and 40kbytes of RAM.

In addition, there's a USB slave module and six serial ports that support async, sync, ISO/IEC7816-3, and IrDA modes, as well as two channels of I2C. Each serial port is independent, and comes furnished with its own baud-rate generator and four vectored interrupts per channel.

They support LSB- or MSB-first shift directions and can run as fast as 720kbits/s in asynchronous mode. All connectivity modules are supported either by direct memory access (DMA) or the data-transfer controller (DTC), so that CPU performance isn't wasted when moving data to or from the modules. The H8SX CPU can effectively handle data streams into or from many interfaces.

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