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Back Up Your PC Games

Parents of gamers—and grown-up gamers, too—needn't worry anymore about losing or damaging their favorite PC games. With the Games X Copy software from 321 Studios, they can copy games to their hard drive or onto blank CDs and DVDs. Games X Copy also creates four "virtual drives" on the hard drive, so users can play multidisc games without stopping to change discs. The software doesn't use any compression either, so backups are true one-to-one disc conversions. The system requires Windows 9X/ME, 2000/XP+; a Pentium or compatible processor; a CD- or DVD-ROM drive; a compatible CD-R(W) or DVD recorder that supports "Disc-at-Once Mode"; 64 Mbytes of RAM; and 800 Mbytes of free hard-drive space for image storage. Price is $59.99.

Go to www.dvdxcopy.com for details.

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