Capacitors suit RoHS solder profiles

NIC Components' NACZ series of surface-mount electrolytic capacitors can now be exposed to a maximum soldering temperature of +255°C. The new temperature rating makes these devices more compatible with the latest reflow profiles needed for implementing and using RoHS-compliant solders.

The NACZ +255°C versions have a part number suffix of "M1F," known as the "M1F standard." The increased reflow temperature rating represents an interim step ahead of NIC's soon-to-arrive +260°C rated parts.

All characteristics and specifications of the established, legacy NACZ series remain the same for the M1F devices. The company achieved the increased heat resistance required for exposure to +255°C by implementing design changes to the construction of the NACZ liquid electrolyte capacitor series.

Available with voltage ratings of 6.3 to 50Vdc and capacitance values of 4.7 to 6800µF, NACZ M1F parts suit a wide range of distributed power-management applications (e.g., voltage and point-of-load regulators, dc-dc converters). The higher solder temperature rating applies to 4, 5, and 6.3mm diameter case sizes; 8 and 10mm diameter parts are rated to +250°C.

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