Development Solution For Powertrain Platforms

Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers now have a development solution from Metrowerks to build embedded powertrain platforms based on the MPC5500 family of microcontroller unit (MCU) architectures from Freescale Semiconductor.

The solution provides hardware, software development tools, emulators, an RTOS and test analysis technologies. It will eliminate the time and costs associated with purchasing and integrating components from multiple vendors, says the company.

By exploiting its access to Freescale silicon design teams, Metrowerks has simplified development for the MPC5500 family by integrating internal and external technologies, including the following:

CodeWarrior Development Studio for the MPC5500 Family, Version 1.5.

PowerTAP Pro Nexus Class 1 run control emulator.

CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools with Nexus Class 3 Data. Trace.OSEKturbo RTOS with deterministic scheduling.

ASH WARE eTPU Simulation Engine.

UNIS Processor Expert GUI initialisation.

CodeWarrior Development Studio for the MPC5500 Family, Version 1.5 includes a high performance, optimized core compiler, multi-core (core and eTPU) full-chip simulator, and a multi-core (core and eTPU) debugger with data visualisation capabilities. The CodeWarrior integrated development environment (IDE) includes a plug-in for the UNIS Processor Expert Level 1 with MPC5554 GUI and initialisation for the multiple cores and peripherals.

Developers can debug the target silicon via the PowerTAP Pro Nexus Class 1 run control emulator, then conduct memory, performance, coverage and Nexus class 3 data trace analysis using Metrowerks CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools.

The Metrowerks OSEKturbo RTOS with deterministic scheduling provides a reliable OS for the MPC5554. OSEKturbo is developed in accordance with Capability Maturity Model (CMM) level five guidelines. The deterministic scheduling tool uses Rate Monotonic Analysis (RMA) techniques.

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