Electronic Design

Digital Speaker System Provides Deep Bass And Crisp Sound

The SoundWorks Digital three-piece multimedia speaker system is based on the FourPointSurround FPS2000 Digital design. This digitally enhanced system includes an improved wooden subwoofer for deeper and more defined bass, and an SPDIF digital audio input for clear digital sound from any audio device.

It also boasts accurate, low-noise internal digital-to-analog conversion. Custom-designed amplifiers provide 22 W of power to the subwoofer and 16 W to the stereo satellite cubes, while the subwoofer and satellite driver designs produce wide-range, powerful stereo audio that supplies 50% more bass than the company's original model. The digital input easily connects to high-performance PC sound cards, as well as to home and portable components like CD and minidisc (MD) players. Two stereo analog inputs provide a convenient, permanent connection for analog-only computer audio, and a second connector for portable devices such as CD, MD, or MP3 units. And, its control module requires minimal desk space. Available now, the SoundWorks Digital speaker system costs $99.00.

Cambridge SoundWorks Inc., 311 Needham St., Newton, MA 02164; (800) 367-4434; fax (617) 244-3743; www.hifi.com.

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