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Electronic Design Update: July 18, 2007

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Electronic Design UPDATE
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | July 18, 2007

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Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Richard Gawel, Managing Editor

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scope |

HP Finds A Huge Opportunity In Product Obsolescence
By Ron Schneiderman, Contributing Editor

Shorter lifecycles and rapid turnover in IT equipment pose a significant business challenge. But Hewlett-Packard has found a growing opportunity in helping IT centers decide what new technology to deploy, how to finance the purchase or lease of new IT equipment, and how to use it to expand capabilities or boost productivity.

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focus on communications |

Unmanned Industrial Ethernet Switches Get Compact And Rugged

The first three members of a family of compact and rugged unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches include five-port (EKI-2525), eight-port (EKI-2528), and 10-port (EKI-7629C) configurations.

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EiED online |

Fido Teaches Old Dog New Tricks

The fido1100 instruction set is based on the CPU32+, which is compatible with the venerable Motorola 68000. The EDK includes the Eclipse IDE and C++ GNU toolchain (Sourcery G++ GNU) from Code Sourcery.

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Engineering TV: Episode 53 |

Fab's 3D Plotter

Using modeling foam and spatial software, students at Lorain County Community College in Ohio can easily create three-dimensional objects without formal training and with the help of a plotter that renders their designs.

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news from the editors |

Web-Based Ada Customer Support Interface Enhanced For Ease Of Use

Upgrades to GNAT Tracker 2.0, AdaCore's secure, Web-based interface between its support engineers and its customers, make it easier to find answers to development questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Dual H-Bridge-Driver Runs Two Brush-Type Motors

The 7I40 from Mesa Electronics is a dual-H-bridge driver for applications employing two brush-type motors or other inductive loads. The 7I40L handles 10 A at 40 V dc per axis, while the 7I40H is rated at 7 A at 80 V dc per axis.

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External Upgrade Converts Dual-Link DVI Output To Three Standard DVI Outputs

The TripleHead/2Go/ digital edition is the latest addition to Matrox Graphics' line of Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs). The external graphics upgrade device lets users convert a dual-link DVI output into three standard DVI outputs.

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60-V Dual Schottky-Barrier Diodes Come In An Isolated Package

A pair of dual Schottky-barrier diodes features 10-A (B10A60VIC) and 15-A (B15A60VIC) ratings. These 60-V devices come in a TO-220IS isolated package from KEC Corp. and are distributed by First Components GmbH.

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CDNLive! Silicon Valley: Where Experts Connect

CDNLive! is a global series of technical conferences where Cadence® technology users and other industry experts network and exchange ideas. At CDNLive! events, you have a unique opportunity to strengthen business relationships and discover holistic solutions to your design challenges. You'll be among the industry's brightest to share best practices, learn about the latest electronics and semiconductor design trends, and see new solutions and technology roadmaps from Cadence.

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quick poll |

The dog days of summer are here. What gadgets did you bring along on your vacation this year?
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  • Nothing: it's supposed to be a vacation

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product picks online |

System Analyzes Chip Performance At Earliest Design Stage
High-Performance Embedded Database Offers Small Footprint
Energy-Saving PFC Controller Handles Up To 800 W
Adapter Reduces Cost Of 802.11n MIMO Testing
Power Transistors Target Doherty Architecture In Basestations

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upcoming industry events |

IPC Midwest Conference & Exhibition
Sept. 22-28
Schaumburg, Ill.

AdvancedTCA Summit 2007
Oct. 16-18
Santa Clara, Calif.

Printed Electronics USA
Nov. 13-15
San Francisco, Calif.

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Logic NVM 2007 - Inside Tomorrow's Electronics (Semiconductor Event)

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ED bookstore |

If I Only Changed The Software, Why Is The Phone On Fire?
By Lisa Simone

Great title and a good read too, especially if you like stories from the trenches. Simone does more than just revive old ghosts. She brings out the debugging techniques in context.

To buy the book, click here...

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