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Electronic Desitgn Update: December 12, 2007

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Electronic Design UPDATE
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | December 12, 2007

NI Developer Suite Bundles the Software Tools You Need

Save up to 72% by bundling LabVIEW with other NI software through the Developer Suite program. In addition to substantial cost savings, NI Developer Suite provides quarterly software updates with the latest versions of your software and direct access to NI applications engineers via phone and e-mail for technical support.

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Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Richard Gawel, Managing Editor
and John Arkontaky, Assistant Editor

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Technology Report |

The 555: Best IC Ever Or Obsolete Anachronism?
By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor

What is the most versatile, widely used, and longest-living IC you've ever seen? Many of you would say it's the 555 timer IC. In fact, it's still the electronic hobbyist's best friend, and it's widely taught in universities. Chances are you've used a 555, maybe even recently. Yet, I wonder why people still use it. After all, it is the 21st century...

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Our revamped Navigation bar has new Design Hotspots. Come check out the latest in EDA, analog, embedded, power, and green design from the ED editors.

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designed in |

NeuroSky Delivers Bio-Sensor Technology

NeuroSky has partnered with two companies to develop consumer electronics products that will be controlled with NeuroSky's bio-sensor technology. Toy and game company Sega Toys Co. and interactive music company Musinaut plan to use NeuroSky's technology in products that will be controlled by the power of thought.

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focus on embedded hardware |

Firewall On Chip Secures M2M Applications

SecureGAP, a firewall-on-a-chip technology, allows M2M devices to safely connect directly to the Internet. The technology, which resides on the CO2128 IP controller, safeguards vital proprietary information for application owners through security and data segregation.

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EiED online |

ZigBee Kits 4

Next in this series on ZigBee kits, Technology Editor Bill Wong takes a look at offerings from Aerocomm and Silicon Labs.

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Engineering TV: Episode 92 |

The Basics Of Metal Injecting Molding

The process of metal injection molding at NetShape Technologies in Solon, Ohio is a process that starts with several metallic powders and form-holding plastics to create a polymer that is then used to create parts. Watch how it's done.

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news from the editors |

IBM Delivers 32-nm High-k/Metal Gate SRAM, SOI

IBM and its development partners announced a new approach to the high-k/metal gate process in 32-nm chips. Co-developed with alliance partners AMD, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., Freescale, Infineon, and Samsung, the new approach is designed to provide an easier way for clients to migrate to high-k metal gate technology...

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Avnet To Offer IBM Foundry Solutions

Avnet has signed an agreement that will bring IBM Foundry Solutions to North America. IBM Foundry Solutions—which include design centers, design libraries, intellectual property, manufacturing, test, and packaging—can be used collectively or a-la-carte through Avnet's distribution services...

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Unisantis, IME To Develop Three-Dimensional Transistor

The Institute of Microelectronics (IME) and Japanese R&D company Unisantis Electronics will co-develop the world's first three-dimensional transistor. The device, known as the Surrounding Gate Transistor (SGT), promises a significant increase in computing power, according to an IME release....

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IBM Electro-Optic Modulator Could Lead To Supercomputer-On-Chip

IBM researchers have constructed a way to send pulses of light through silicon, a process that can substitute sending electrical signals over wires and ultimately shrink the size of today's largest supercomputers...

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Digi-Key Adds Three Suppliers

This week, distributor Digi-Key signed agreements with three new suppliers: Kingbright, Magnasphere, and SkyeTek.

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Debug your mixed-signal designs faster!

5000 times faster update rate than the Tektronix MSO4000, the Agilent 6000 Series MSO identifies your most elusive problems faster. See for yourself! View our 20 second online demo.

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quick poll |

How would you sum up your experience with the 555 timer IC?
  • I've never used a 555 and probably never will
  • I've used the 555 in the past but probably won't in the future
  • I have used the 555 but am open to alternatives if they fit my design
  • I prefer the 555 in my current projects and will continue using it
  • I wouldn't be caught dead using a 555
  • What's a 555?

Let your voice be heard. Vote now on www.electronicdesign.com. The Quick Poll is located at the bottom of the page, so don't forget to scroll down!

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product picks online |

DAC Delivers High Accuracy, Low Power Consumption
DIN Rail Power Supplies Feature Efficiencies To 90%
Mezzanine Card Supports 2.16-GHz Core Duo CPU
Software Option Delivers Comprehensive LTE Signal Analysis
60-A Industrial-Grade Filter Fits Small Package`

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upcoming industry events |

International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology
Dec. 12-14
Dallas, Texas

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Jan. 7-10, 2008
Las Vegas, Nev.

Tessera U.S. Technology Symposium
Jan. 21, 2008
Santa Clara, Calif.

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Get The Latest In Design Technique and Tools At Speedway Design Workshop

Join Analog Devices and Avnet at the Analog Signal Chain SpeedWay Design Workshop on Dec 19. Listen to lectures covering design techniques and the tool suite enabling the optimized integreation of amplification, data conversion power management and sensing.

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ED bookstore |

Designing BSD Rootkits: An Introduction To Kernel Hacking
By Joseph Kong

Before you decide that this book is only for novice system-attackers, consider some of the latest advances in debugging, such as hot patching of applications and operating systems. The techniques presented in this book are the same as those used to implement these very useful features.

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