Eurofighter Selects INTEGRITY System

Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS and AdaMULTI Integrated Development Environment (IDE) are being used in the development and implementation of mission-critical systems deployed in the latest Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. The INTEGRITY RTOS will be a critical component in a number of the aircraft's "line-replaceable" items.

David Smith, software manager of Eurofighter GmbH, the consortium managing Eurofighter's development and production, says "The INTEGRITY RTOS is an essential element in delivering the levels of system availability and reliability that are required by a number of computers being developed for Eurofighter Typhoon."

"We are confident that the decision to use Green Hills Software's RTOS and tools will contribute to the success of the second stage of the Eurofighter program," comments Jon Williams, European director of Safety Critical Business for Green Hills Software. "This evolution, which includes a move to PowerPC devices, greatly benefits from the use of the INTEGRITY RTOS, which maximises security and reliability and leverages the hardware memory protection facilities of the PowerPC processor. In addition, the AdaMULTI IDE provides an intuitive tool for testing during both software design and production."

The royalty-free INTEGRITY RTOS is a scalable, ROMable, and memory-protected RTOS. Leveraging the hardware memory protection facilities of the PowerPC processor's memory management unit (MMU), the INTEGRITY RTOS maximises security and reliability by building a firewall between the kernel and user tasks. This prevents errant or malicious tasks from corrupting user data, the kernel, interprocess communications, device drivers, and other user tasks.

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